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Application of QELC in a lobotomy

General information:
Patient, female, 60 years old with 35 years personal smoke history. States that she had a fever of 39 degrees in the last few days, chest pain, cough with expectoration hemorrhagic. After an accurate inspection, was diagnosed with right lung squamous cell carcinoma. And Dr. Tan decided to implement thoracoscopic middle right lobotomy on 20th September of 2016.

Instrument selection and application:
There are 3 pieces of QELC6035L, 2 pieces of QELC4525L and 1 piece of QELC4548L for resection of right lung.

Surgeon feedback:
Comparing with the stapler (Echelon) of the surgeon usually use, Dr. Tan think that our stapler has same suture effect, cutting effect with stapler of Echelon, also same agility and visualization of the jaw, besides better hemostasis effect and stronger clamping and firing force,

Application effect:
Suture effect: spacing and tightness consistent
Staple: staple line in alignment with formation consistent and stable, no staple missing.
Cutter effect: cutting edge flattening, no bleeding.

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