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Application of QUHS in a Hysterectomy

General information:

Patient, female, 52 years old with 20 years personal drinking history. States that had a heavy menstrual bleeding in each cycle, also had several times of hemorrhage outside the cycle, and painful cramping menstruation. Through the pathological examination, she was diagnosed with an adenomyosis. And Dr. William Kondo decided to implement a video laparoscopy hysterectomy on 22th May of 2017.

Instrument selection and application:
There are 1 pieces of QUHS36 S, for resection of utero.

Surgeon feedback:
Dr. William Kondo says, compared with the scalpel (HARMONIC) which surgeons usually use, QMI Autoforce scalpel has the same coagulation effect and cutting speed and also gets improvement for some details. QMI scalpel is easier for installing, has enough clamping pressure for tissue and ergonomic operating button so that surgeons don't feel tired during operation.

Application effect:
Coagulation effect: Safety coagulation
Cutting speed: Has an adequate speed to cut different tissues.

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