Global medical device companies to seek the way actively for promotion
Introduction: All global medical device companies are seeking the way actively for promotion, especially the medical equipment giant, the future development of the industry will accelerate, Johnson & Johnson is expected to continue to be the first, but if Medtronic buyout KeHui medical, then the ranking is likely to be affected; subdivision field of in vitro diagnostic market is recognized as the most potential market.

The forecast is a phased forecast, the time is from this year to 2020, the forecast report shows that in 2020 the global medical device market share will exceed 500 billion US dollars for the first time, Johnson & To, Johnson & Johnson who is still forecast to be ranked first in the performance will achieve 32.8 billion US dollars. In the past it has been ranked first in the global medical device industry, it is difficult to shake its status.

However, Johnson & Johnson is not without facing a ranking crisis, the current well-known Medtronic Corporation is taking ove Kehui medical, Medtronic's ranking has been very impressive, if pocket Kehui medical, then its ranking will rapidly increase, is expected to exceed Johnson, but the market is changing at any time, so the successful completion of the acquisition of Medtronic are still unknown, after all, the status of Ke Hui medical mean business.

However, as an emerging hotspot, the field of in vitro diagnostics, it’s developing rate is higher than the industry average, the annual growth rate is 6.1% it will develop into the industry's largest market segments in 2020, and it will always maintain a higher speed in the next few years, that’s why such a large number of companies investing in the field of in vitro diagnostic.

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