Rapid development of Precision medical Continuous attention to medical equipment
Market review for last week
In Sector, Shanghai and Shenzhen index (2015/3/9-2015/3/13) up 3.36% last week, all the plates in the bank, computer up front, better medicine plates, up 2.82%. Medicine in each sector, the best of medical equipment, or 6.21%, medical services (4.85%), traditional Chinese medicine (3.14%) and business (3.07%) were relatively good medicine, biological products (2.29%) and chemical pharmaceutical (1.31%), relative lag.

1) On March 11, Anhui province health development planning commission issued about drugs bring notify parties on matters relating to the procurement, implementation with quantity purchases.
2) On March 11, Health development planning commission issued the "science and technology education department work key point of 2015.
3) On March 12, the CFDA released about approval to release the hemodialysis and related water treatment, etc. The announcement of 90 standards for medical devices industry.

Investment Advice:
With the improvement of people's health awareness and the promotion of the concept of "treating disease," the medical environment will show characteristics of prevention, individualization and high efficiency. Personalized medical and mobile medical treatment will usher in a rapid development environment. Genetic diagnosis is currently in drug development and clinical application of the rapid development of the field, the future will be genetic diseases, tumor diagnosis and other diseases for patients with personalized precision treatment, the market is huge. At present, China's genetic diagnosis industry has just started, the development is very rapid, in January 2015 the Wei and Wei committees approved by some institutions for gene sequencing clinical pilot work, China's gene sequencing industry began to standardize management, the future industry will develop rapidly, Degree is expected to increase. Related stocks include: Daan gene, Qianshan drug machine, Hokuriku medicine, such as the wing.

The state has introduced policies to encourage and support the localization of medical equipment replacement. At the same time with the domestic medical equipment companies in the R & D investment increased, some products have reached the international advanced level, domestic medical equipment company technology to improve rapidly, medical equipment company will obtain rapid development, good policy Xinhua medical, Shares and other listed companies. Especially with the continuous development of science and technology, mobile medical model to the entire industry has brought tremendous changes. Such as diabetes, hypertension and other chronic diseases management, the listed companies will be hardware and software combined to provide patients with test equipment at the same time to provide mobile medical management software, and uploaded to the cloud of doctors to provide patients with health management services to create health management Industrial chain of the closed model, the relevant listed companies have three Connaught biological, nine medical and Le Pu medical. Risk warning: policy changes, the progress of the work slower than expected bid.

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