Zhejiang medical imports equipment accounted for more than 90 percent of clinical medical equipment
Recently, the 28th China (Zhejiang) International Scientific Research and Medical Instrument and Equipment Technology Exchange Exhibition was held in Hangzhou.
Import equipment accounted for more than 90% of clinical medical equipment caused high medical costs
Speed up the approval process
to provide opportunities for derivatives for the medical equipment industry

How to transform and upgrade the medical equipment industry
listen to the medical experts As a medical staff of the frontline, Professor Zhang Dahong also want to make two recommendations to the companies and individuals who engaged in medical device development.
First of all, we must do fine and stronger, or we can’t get the recognition of the medical industry, so it is very important for the material development.
Second, although the industry is highly specialized, but it also means that the manufacturers who solved the key techniques has an absolute advantage, imitation is very difficult.

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