Starting the Year with the success of Arab Health 2019

Jan. 28th 2019, Arab Health, the largest medical event in the region and one of the largest in the world is held in Dubai. As a world famous city renowned for its engineering marvels that people across the globe flock to visit, Dubai is a gleaming jewel of a leading innovation and human ingenuity. But now Dubai is the center of the world’s attention due to the excitement medical exhibition.

For those interested in MIS, Miconvey is showcasing a full line of our latest and best devices as well as some of our exciting upcoming products——QELC with Dual “CC” Technology. The 4th generation of the cartridge specially designed to fit comfortably in challenged spaces while still strengthen the advanced clamping force that can effectively prevent tissue slipping.

In addition to the excited new QELC, Miconvey is also launching new ultrasonic surgical system to bolster the cutting and sealing capabilities. The new ultrasonic surgical system can help meet the most surgical needs from doctors and hospitals.

Miconvey, as a young pioneer in MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgery), we always have the strong belief on the philosophy of “Convey Microsurgical Innovation”. We are keeping on providing simple, reliable and affordable surgical instruments and solutions to help save more lives worldwide.

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