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Unique ‘BE’ Technology (Button Exit )

Automatic tilt anvil mechanism helps make a smaller cross section, easier and much less tissue injury on removing the instrument from the tissue without tension.

GSTTM Technology (Guiding Staple Technology)

New spindle socket design enlarges the receiving area while the staples are impacted. It also provides a arched wall to the staple that can help avoid the distortion caused by deviation, and guarantee a perfect “B” formation.

ASHTMAdjustable Staple Height Technology

Provide more operating options in order to meet different clinical requirements. Meanwhile it can help reduce inventory cost with fewer SKUs

Unique ‘Eagle Eye’ 240° vision indicator

Eagle Eye window is an indicator that provides 240° vision feedback, which significantly helps enlarge visual filed during operation.

ISHTM Technology (Intelligent Staple Height)

There are 3 kinds of closed height for the staple from the internal row to the external row which can provide a better hemostasis while give a better blood supply, then speed up the healing time of anastomosis.

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