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Product features

Unique ‘BE’ Technology (Button Exit ) : After the firing, Rotating and tilt anvil provides small cross section. Easier to remove without tension and reduce tissue injury.

ASHTMAdjustable Height Staple Technology: Provide to the surgeon more operating options(1.2mm-2.2mm) in different clinical needs, while reduce the hospital inventory pressure.

Unique ‘Eagle Eye’ 240o vision indicator: Eagle Eye' is an indicator window that provides 240°vision feedback, which enhances visualization for the surgeon during the procedure.

GSTTM Technology (Guiding Staple Technology): New spindle socket provide an arched wall to the staple to ensure a perfect “B” formation.

Circular stapler with largest anastomosing outer diameter, which can prevent anastomotic stenosis



Specification Total Length Outer diameter Quantity of staples Inner diameter Staple Height
QEEA2548 492mm Ф25.6mm 22 Ф16.6mm 4.8mm
QEEA2848 492mm Ф28.6mm 26 Ф19.6mm 4.8mm
QEEA3148 492mm Ф31.6mm 30 Ф22.6mm 4.8mm
QEEA3348 492mm Ф33.6mm 34 Ф24.6mm 4.8mm

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